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Helpful information for the beginner to intermediate drummer and percussionist. With 30 years of drumming experience I try to give you great information that helps you become a better drummer and purchasing new drum gear without blowing the budget. Check out my blogs on my suggestions for the best intermediate drum kit for the small stage, best snare drum for all around versatility, best cymbals for gigs and small stages, ideas for backyard and acoustic playing and information on transitioning from a garage drummer to playing with other musicians and playing gigs.

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Yamaha_Stage_Custom_Birtch_reimageYamaha Stage Custom Birch

Intermediate Drum Kit Review: Yamaha Stage Custom Birch

About 3 years ago I started the search for a new intermediate drum kit. At this time my current band The GoodFathers was starting to pick up some speed and finally after a few years of just jamming together, we had some gig’s booked. The drum kit I was playing up until that point was a good intermediate drum kit by Mapex called the ProM which I will write about in another review. Don’t get me wrong it was a great kit, but just not right for what I was doing and the sound I wanted...more

Meinl Siam Oak String Cajon with Makah-BurlMeinl Saim Oak String Cajon

Meinl Siam Oak String Cajon Review

Cajons are really popular right now and I don’t see that changing any time soon. I purchased the Meinl Siam Oak String Cajon a few years ago and could not have been happier. One that you should note with purchasing a Cajon is that you really get what you pay for. I’d say this Cajon was the exception. I played several Cajon’s when I was looking at getting one and I really noticed that as the price went up...more

Zildjian A Sweet RideZildjian A Sweet Ride Cymbal Review

Zildjian A Sweet Ride Cymbal Review 21″

I recently purchased the Zildjian A Sweet Ride 21″ cymbal for a number of reasons. First let me say that once again this a great cymbal especially if you play a few different styles of music. This was a big change for me because I was playing a Paiste 3000 heavy ride for about 20 years. I really like that Paiste cymbal but found that as my playing style changes and my bands style of songs were going more towards the blues, rock jazz feel that I needed something a little less loud and with more versatility...more

Lp Aspire BongsSALP Aspire Bongos

LP Aspire Bongos Review

I wanted to write a short review on these LP Aspire Bongos. These drums are the beast as far as long lasting, tough and durable. I’ve had these bongos well over 20 years and they still get use in many of my acoustic gigs as well as sitting around the campfire. I’ve replaced the heads on these only once! The oak drum has held together amazingly well and I have no signs of the glue in the seams failing in any way. These things have taken a beating and they still sound amazing great. They are loud and have a decent range of tunings on both the small bongo and the large one...more

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